Latest update…

I am hopeful this decision is best for my 2nd chance at life purpose…

NO Food Revolution Supper Club this 2012 holiday season.

My apologizes.

Though if this decision is proven correctly made, it will be apparent by mid-2013 that we will have many reasons for a 2013 Christmas Food Revolution Supper Club!!!

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As of right now…

  • It’s looking like Thursday or Friday, December 13 or 14 will be the date.
  • We have “probable partners” for both the organic protein partner and local organic produce partner.
  • Prospective locations have been identified and in process of connecting with them.
  • Odds of us making this “underground” holiday supper club to happen is 75% likely.

Start making necessary hints, budget allowance and and and …Stay tuned!!!

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Christmas 2012


I’m starting to put together what will be our best Food Revolution Supper Club yet!


Either Thursday or Friday …December 6 or 7, 13 or 14.

Start planting the idea of attending with your friends and your special someone!

Stay tuned, Yapo!!!

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Next FRSC coming in Q4!!!

Summer is in full swing, Yapos Home Catering is having our best year yet and a dream opportunity feels like it’s about to happen …Send good vibes my way!  As you see, life is busy yet great!

The unfortunate by-product is the inability to allot the time, the “mental mise en place” and the effort threshold it takes to host a successful Food Revolution Supper Club.

After wrestling with this for weeks, sadly the proper decision is to hold off until our next Food Revolution Supper Club in the November, December range.  By the time we get to the end of the year, guaranteed I’ll be itching, seriously itching to do one and determined to make it the best yet Food Revolution Supper Club.  Yeadude!!!

Have a great summer and looking forward!  Looking forward to seeing you in the holidays and sharing good news about this dream opportunity.  ~Yapo

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New date

I had a dream last night and the conversation I had with myself went something like…

“Hello Yapo!!!  July is vaCAtion time ,,, get it together!!!”  OK, OK …I will move the date …AGAIN.  I will try to make it happen in August.  “No try Yapo!!!  Make it happen Yapo, Make it happen!”  OK, OK…

Partners and location are still being worked out, but without a target date it’s not high on my priority radar to accomplish.  It is now …Thursday, August 16th is my target!

Stay tuned…

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Our next supper is coming!!!

Whew!  The year is flying by…

Recent large events at City Hall of Chula Vista and for the City of San Diego, which rolled right into annual events we’ve done for years for Quartus Engineering before a Padres game and for Surfrider Art Gala at the Del Mar Powerhouse.

Reason …I believe it’s our Food 360 Kitchen habits, making us San Diego’s local organic, tasty great caterer and private chef.

Big THANKS goes out to Shannon at Suzie’s Farm, Sandra at Be Wise Ranch and Phil at Sage Mountain Farm for the organic (highest quality) and local (freshest) foods you raise.

I digress …I was originally thinking we would do our next in June, but timing is a little too short, so officially Food Revolution Supper Club is planned for mid to late July.

Oh yeah …Do you know of a fantastic private outdoor location with ocean view?  …Let us know!

Stay tuned for more ~Yapo

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Surfrider 12th Annual Art Gala

Watch tasty great, local organic food setting the stage for amazing art and leaders of San Diego to come together and raise over $18,000 to protect waves, beaches and oceans for everyone’s enjoyment.  Love it, Love it!!!

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